Community Garden: a piece of common land cultivated by a group of people growing produce, herbs, and ornamental plants either in their own allotments (plots) or in a single shared garden.

It is hard to believe we are starting our 8th year at the 29th Street garden. 2015 was a very productive year, we had over 250 volunteer hours; we donated 595 lbs. of produce to our local food banks. Our herb garden is thriving.  This year we have the Girl Scouts joining us; they will be managing the herb garden, they also have a garden space on the fence line.  Once a space is available, we will move them inside the garden.

The mason bees we purchased a few years back are growing in numbers and pollinating our fruit trees.  We have not needed to purchase bees in the last two years.

The Mount Erie school garden will have a slight design change to include a seating area for the students to write in the logs. We are transform the plot to the east of the shed that is shaded in the afternoon, into a study area. This garden has been an ideal school garden thanks to the support of staff and the PTA. Each year the students are learning something different as they continue from grade to grade. If you would like to help them build their study area, please press the donate button; your help is very much appreciated.

Gleaning Program - Did you know we are starting a gleaning program through Fidalgo Island & Guemes Gleaners (FIGG).  This program reaches out to those who have fruit trees at home and need help picking the fruit.  The fruit that is gleaned is split between the owner, the gleaners, food banks and other food programs.  An average glean lasts about an hour, fruit is picked up from ground, picked from the tree and divided.  Time of glean is up to the owner, we coordinate the time and advertise the glean to those on our list.  Those who respond will receive the address. If you are interested in being part of the FIGG gleaning community, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Today’s resurgence of interest in community gardening harkens back to the Victory Gardens of the early 20th century. Community gardens are part of a growing movement to improve our health and environment, build community resilience, and foster self-sufficiency in light of today’s economic, environmental, and personal wellness challenges.  Community gardens cultivate more than healthy fresh food and lovely flowers; they also grow friendships, food security, health and well-being, and revitalize our neighbourhoods.


Anacortes Community Gardens is a partnership between the City of Anacortes Parks & Recreation Department and Transition Fidalgo & Friends (Skagit Beat the Heat), a 501c3 non-profit promoting local sustainability. We provide local residents of Fidalgo Island the opportunity to grow their own fresh, nutritious food and share the harvest with our local food banks. Our first garden, the 29th Street Garden, opened in Spring 2009. Our goal is to sponsor several gardens sprinkled among the neighbourhoods of Anacortes that offer public space where gardeners have access to land, water, sunshine, and fresh air to cultivate food, friendships, and community.

Our advice:  get your hands dirty with reckless abandon, breathe in the fresh scent of soil and flowers, and soak up the sunshine along with some joy and peace of mind.

Anacortes Community Gardens is a joint project with the City of Anacortes and Transition Fidalgo & Friends.

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